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PPC Services

PPC Services

Mahira Digital is a leading PPC agency in the Delhi, assisting businesses throughout the country in generating conversions and achieving a high ROI. Our PPC services are award-winning across a wide range of industries.

Mahira Digital is known for its skilled Pay Per Click Services, which assist you from campaign setup to ongoing management to generate the most relevant paid traffic and ROI. We are a team of Google Adwords Certified Partners who provide the best results in terms of targeted audience, sales, and ROI by regularly managing PPC Campaigns for our customers worldwide.

It is time to optimize your keywords on the web or Google and make your ads visible to your potential customers online. However, paying for each click on your chosen keywords is a deal every business must adhere to!


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an online marketing strategy used to increase the number of clicks on a website by a specific audience. This online marketing method produces immediate results and increases the likelihood of converting website or keyword clicks into valuable business leads. The owner must pay for each click on the ad and for web optimization to place the ad at the top of Google's listing.

We are an excellent choice for advanced Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing Services such as Google Adwords, Bing Adcenter, Facebook Marketing, and LinkedIn. To drive more clicks, we create the best PPC campaign for the website or its keywords and promote it through recommended search engines and social media channels. Furthermore, our PPC experts will improve those clicks to convert them into business leads.

As a result, we assist many businesses worldwide in earning more money online by utilizing our unrivaled Pay-Per-Click services. PPC can provide growth realization for businesses if done with proper research, perspective goal understanding, and strategic implementation to maximize the full marketing potential.


Pay per click, or PPC, is a paid advertising method in which advertisers must pay for each click on their ads. To put it another way, PPC allows you to buy instant visitors rather than earning them organically. It is an efficient method of purchasing the top spot on search engines such as Google.

PPC Marketing Campaign

To run a PPC marketing campaign, you must bid on a spot for your ad in the search engine's sponsored links, which appear on the SERPs when someone searches for keywords related to your business/product/service. For example, if you bid on the keyword "Antivirus," it will appear at the top of any search for this keyword.

According to the Hanapin Marketing report, approximately 79 percent of marketers believe that paid marketing has benefited their business. Furthermore, more than 62 percent of business owners have decided to increase their paid-ad budget soon to attract more potential customers.

Social Media Today says more than 7 million advertisers spent $10.01 billion on pay-per-click ads in 2017. PPC has undoubtedly become one of the most widely used marketing frameworks with the highest ROI.



Pay-per-click (PPC) ads effectively drive website traffic, promote brand awareness, convert visitors to customers, and achieve other crucial digital marketing and sales goals due to their high visibility.

33% of users say they clicked on a paid advertisement because it directly answered their search query.

A clear strategy guides a PPC campaign and provides the best return on investment.

  • Lesser Number Of Entry Barriers
  • Better Brand Visibility
  • Comprehensive Targeting
  • Quick ROI

What Does Mahira Digital's PPC Management Service Include?

Our PPC management services help you achieve your business objectives. Allow Mahira Digital's dedicated strategists to manage all the moving parts so you can focus on growing your business.

Paid Search Advertising

Join our PPC services immediately if you want your brand name to appear at the top of search results. Mahira Digital develops ad targeting strategies, searches for high-volume keywords, and plans bid limits to maximize ROI. Not only that, but we can help you improve your Quality score, CTR, and impression rate.

A/B Testing For Ads

It is impossible to determine the effectiveness of advertisements without comparing several campaigns. We create a wide range of page elements, such as layout, CTA, headline, and image. We then compare each set to determine the effectiveness of each version. Due to improved paid search campaign optimization, the split-test approach produces high-quality results.

Google Display Ads

Display ads help you attract customers and promote your business by reaching 90 percent of all internet users on YouTube, Gmail inboxes, websites, and more.

Your ads can take the form of banners, sidebar ads, half- and full-page advertisements, and many other sizes by utilizing vivid imagery and optimized text. You can use animated GIFs to make your ads stand out.

Our PPC managers can create ads using Google's AMP platform, which compresses files for faster loading. This results in increased viewability and click-through rates, which improves ad performance.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Boost your quality score by writing precise ads and building effective landing pages to increase your audience and drive customers to the bottom of your sales funnel. Develop PPC campaigns in Mahira Digital that are enriched with all factors to generate more profit without increasing your ad spending.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing allows you to target a specific segment of visitors who have previously expressed interest in your brand. Our remarketing experts not only create the best-performing campaigns and remarketing ads but also ensure that the ad reaches users who have already expressed an interest in purchasing your product or service.

Shopping Campaigns

Waiting until a potential customer lands on your product page before making your sales pitch is sometimes too little, too late. Today's shoppers seamlessly switch between platforms. Shopping ads allow you to reach out to customers across platforms and devices.

To encourage user engagement, product images, star ratings, and other ad extensions are used in Mahira Digital's e-commerce PPC campaigns. For example, an e-commerce company looking to increase brand awareness might run a PPC campaign to promote its new product line. Mahira Digital's strategic shopping campaigns help to ensure that your offerings are front and center when your customers search for a product they're ready to buy. Your strategist can collaborate with Google and Amazon advertising networks to get your products in front of millions of potential customers.

YouTube Ads

We've identified YouTube Ads' enormous potential and see no reason it shouldn't be a part of our PPC campaign strategy. In addition to delivering massive amounts of demographic data that can be used for various online marketing strategies, we also create YouTube video ads for you that are highly affordable, effective, device-friendly, and optimization friendly. YouTube PPC is a front-runner in our Google advertising model. We reap all of the benefits, eventually passed on to you.


Mahira Digital Digital Marketing provides the best PPC services with a high success rate. We handle all types of PPC ads and guarantee the best results with our commitment and dedication. We have years of experience in PPC marketing and a team of highly trained experts. We handle every aspect of PCC marketing to accelerate your online performance, from PPC audit, account setup, ad creation, bidding, and campaign monitoring.

Here are the reasons why Mahira Digital PPC services are the best in the market:


We ensure that your PPC campaigns are audited in a way that meets all of your sales goals while adhering to industry regulations. Our PPC audits concentrate on resolving your campaign's minor and significant issues to improve its overall performance. In addition, we renew your marketing strategy to improve campaign effectiveness. Our PPC experts begin by analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs), remarketing techniques, account structure, and analytics.


Mahira Digital keeps our clients up to date on all online activity and the progress of their campaigns. Our custom campaign reports provide detailed information such as Google Analytics results, overall campaign performance, and keyword rankings. In addition, we provide access to the client dashboard so you can see a clear picture of the campaign recital.


The Mahira Digital team is pleased to be a Google Premier Partner. Our marketing team includes Google Ads PPC specialists who are experienced and trained to meet your objectives. Working with our results-driven PPC experts can result in extraordinary growth for your company.


We strive to exceed our client's expectations. Every client's concern is addressed and resolved most adequately. We provide our clients with data-driven recommendations regularly. We schedule regular meetings with clients so that our project managers can hear our customers' demands and requests and implement them to improve customer satisfaction.


Along with pay-per-click, we provide integrated SEO services to help our clients see faster results from PPC. While PPC advertising provides immediate results, SEO promotes long-term growth and brand awareness.

Our integrated campaigns are designed to be long-lasting and future-proof, producing both paid and organic results. All of our services include monthly reporting, custom-designed to show you the critical metrics to your business.

At Mahira Digital, we take PPC seriously and ensure that every click you pay contributes to your company's growth. Our entire PPC campaign aims to increase your Google traffic significantly. We are here to assist you in realizing the full potential of Google advertising and making yourself visible and wanted across demographics, resulting in a massive ROI.

For more information consult with Mahira Digital Marketing Experts at +91 9953962966.